Tuesday, November 19, 2019

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About Us

Lines of Communication is a full-service telecommunications consulting firm specializing in audits, implementation and support for your network. We implement practices and systems with results that are measurable and sustainable. Our focus is on saving you money and increasing your efficiencies.

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Our History

Like most enterprises, ours began by noticing a need and wanting to help meet it within our market. With deregulation and the Telecom Act of 1996, confusion from businesses became rampant within the telecommunications services industry and Lines of Communications wanted to help clients find solutions in the sea of chaos. 

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Our Mission

Mission Statement: 

Lines of Communication will be the most trusted partner for assessing and managing dynamic organizations’ telecommunication and data needs, processes and providers. 

Our Philosophy

Building on the idea that communication is fundamental to business, Lines of Communication provides personal service in a technology driven environment. We are an independent consulting firm specializing in all areas of corporate telecommunications equipment and services. Our philosophy is to deliver consistent, straightforward devotion to our clients and their needs.

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Yvonne Fry

Yvonne Fry

A serial entrepreneur, Yvonne found her passion in the technology sector twelve years ago when she founded Lines of Communication. Yvonne has built a team and processes which ensure long-term cus­tomer relationships offering on-going support and regular reassessment of the business needs and market and technology changes. The only measure of our success is the customer’s satisfaction!

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