Tuesday, November 19, 2019

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The first step in our service process is an intensive audit of your company’s current services and billings. We will develop an accurate inventory of your services, hardware, data, usage and needs. At times, we find incorrect, redundant and unnecessary charges which we are able to recoup for the customer as the first step in ensuring you are receiving the most value possible from your service providers. Many clients are surprised to learn that they are not getting the best services and rates available to them. 

The assessment and optimization process is a critical first step of engagement to ensure maximized savings and efficiencies and lay a strong foundation for on-going support. It is the an important step in our process as we build the depth of the relationship with each of our clients.

We also identify redundancies or areas where consolidation across multiple locations will produce savings.

Your analysis includes:

  • Consultation with one of our trained experts
  • Invoice and billing error corrections
  • Detection of services cancelled, but still billed
  • Finding instances of double billing
  • Contract terms and fulfillment review and verification
  • Inappropriate taxes, tariffs, and surcharges
  • Development of standards and allocations based on headcount and utilization
  • Presentation of results and recovery
  • Implementation of recovery plan to retrieve overpayments with credits or refunds
  • Assuring that subsequent invoices reflect facilities and services utilized